Ultimate Guide: Are smartwatches worth it 2020

Are smartwatches worth it

Are smartwatches worth it?

It is a very difficult question to explain are smartwatches worth it, are what the smartwatch benefits are. Because it is up to you if you will buy high price and well-known company’s watches that are more smartwatch benefits a lot.

Are smartwatches worth it

But if you will buy low price smartwatch you cannot get high benefits. But in this article I can explain is smartwatch worth it for you or not.

 So I already wrote about the watch I mean if you will buy a high priced watch that gives you high benefits and if you will buy a low-cost watch that can give you low benefits.

Now I am adding something and benefits about smartwatch-like what does a smartwatch do. that clear about a smartwatch? Basically that all things is the functions and specification of a smartwatch.

All smartwatch has almost all features and Specifications. First I am adding some introduction about smartwatch if you know about what is the smartwatch you will skip this part.

What is Smartwatch?

Smartwatch is a wearable device that looks like a simple wristwatch. But it has another feature with showing time.

Smartwatches are Devices that can track your daily life tracking like your sleep, Heart rate, Blood Pressure, Calories that you burned in a day.

It has also smart features like smartwatch attach with your smartphone and showing calls and messages detail on your wrist. 

The best part smartwatch will show you data about your favorites apps Like Facebook, Whatsapp, Wechat, Messenger and many more that you can add for stats.

What does a smartwatch do

I was already writing a brief article on that topic for you. Please read it.

But is this article I will describe some basic and useful Features that clear what does a smartwatch do and this feature is a basic that describe are smartwatches worth it for you are not

Fitness Tracking Features

Sleep Tracking: Smartwatches have sleeping tracking ability smartwatch track your sleep and gives you data about your quality sleep

Heart Rate Tracking: This feature is quite impressive for you that will track your all-day heart rate and tell you all data on your phone. This feature helps you to improve your health and fitness.

Sports Tracking: Some watches support the measurement features that allow tracking your exercise performance. You can track many exercises like Running, Swimming, Walking, Cycling, strength training and many more.

Fall Detection: This is the most brilliant feature that can come to some devices like Apple watch. This feature allows you to place a call or notifying your emergency contact number when the watch detects fall. This is possible with an accelerometer and gyroscope on the smartwatch.

Steps Count: This feature allows you to track your steps that you are walking and notified you when you reach your goal and provide you all the data on your phone.

ECG or electrocardiogram: ECG tracking features are the best features for most accurate features for heart tracking that gives more accuracy about the heart. But these features provide in some watches like apple watch series 4.

Smart Features

Incoming calls reminder: Some smartwatch shows your calls and messages on your wrist when smartwatch connected with your smartphone.

Notification: You can notify from your email, twitter and many apps that you want to be notified like Facebook, Whatsapp, Wechat, etc. But the best part of the smartwatch notification feature you can block apps that you cannot get notification from that app. I like to get notification from WhatsApp and my emails that can give me an update from my business.

Find my phone: This feature is the best that can give you to find your phone by press the button which is existing on watch and your phone give an alarm even your smartphone in silent mode. This feature allows finding smartphone easier

Payment By contactless: You can pay payment without cards and anything because you can pay with Samsung pay, Apple pay, Android Pay, Garmin pay Fitbit to pay from your smartwatch on your wrist. But these features only use when if stores allow mean that store systems work with contactless payments.

Time-Related Features

If your smartwatch has time-related features that you can buy this is the best feature that I like most in smartwatches and I cannot guess about peoples. These features have time-telling and alarm clock and the best part if your smartwatch has a stopwatch that is the best.

I guess if anybody immediately uses a stopwatch for many things the smartwatch stopwatch can easy to use and quickly use on your wrist.

Music Features

Some smartwatches have music play feature this feature is for best for the music lover that can listen to music every time. Some devices allow to store some of your favorite music on your smartwatch and some smartwatch cannot support this thing but also some watch connected with music playing Apps by using Data connection.


Now I will say only this if you will buy a high priced watch when you experience real smartwatch benefits And I hope that this article clears your mind about Are smartwatches worth it And what does a smartwatch do.

We cannot say today if smartwatches will be able to revolutionize our lives as you have done in a short time.

The future is not written, but if manufacturers can generate in the consumer the need for this gadget through for example functionality that cannot cover another type of device or a differential use experience, I am

sure that in a very short time We will all carry on our wrist a smartwatch, in the same way, that we carry one or several smartphones in our pockets or bags.

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