What are the benefits of a smartwatch?

Smartwatch does many things that your smartphone can’t. There are many benefits of a smartwatch.

benefits of a smartwatch

The smartwatch track your daily health trackings like heart rate, blood pressure, Sleeping activity, and overall fitness levels.

But another is you can pay at the store by a smartwatch and also you can play music on the smartwatch and enjoy it.

There is the two type first one is a smartwatch that I can describe in this article and the second type is a fitness tracker. If you can get the best smartwatch to check this ( Best smartwatches )

Now the question is arrive what is a smartwatch?

What Is a Smartwatch?

So the Smartwatch is a wearable device in the form of a wristwatch that providing more features besides timekeeping. The smartwatch can attach to your smartphones and showing your calls and messages on your wrist.

The best part of the smartwatch is the smartwatch can show the data of your favorite apps like Facebook, Whatsapp, Wechat, messenger and many more. The smartwatch show you weather and maps and directions. 

GPS is also including with many watches.

But Other features of the smartwatch are your health fitness tracker like heart rate monitor, blood pressure monitor, sleeping tracker, steps count, calories you burned.

some watches provide you exercise modes that can track all exercises which you want and many more features. So the watch can connect with your smartphone and provide you all the fitness data on your phone.

What are the functions and benefits of the smartwatch?

The function of the smartwatch is a lot because if you can buy a high priced smartwatch you can get the best benefits of a smartwatch.

But if you can buy low priced smartwatch you can get low functions but in this article, I am including some features of smartwatches.

1. Smart Features

Incoming Calls Showing: So the Most of the smartwatch can show you, your calls that can arrive on your smartphone when your smartwatch connected

Notification: You can notify from your email, twitter and many apps that you want to be notified like Facebook, Whatsapp, Wechat, etc. But the best part of the smartwatch notification feature.

you can block apps that you cannot get notification from that app. I like to get notification from WhatsApp and my emails that can give me an update from my business.

Reminder: You can use virtual assistants Siri that can provide my Apple done setting reminders. Reminders will sync across devices.

Navigation: Navigation features are very important for tourist because the tourist can’t find the best way from the map and see all-time map it also did not allow to just look around and enjoy the atmosphere.

The feature can provide you all discreet ways of the direction of different ways to tell you should you turn left or right.

Find my phone: This feature is the best that can give you to find your phone by press the button which is existing on watch and your phone give an alarm even your smartphone in silent mode. This feature allows finding smartphone easier

Payment By contactless: You can pay payment without cards and anything because you can pay with Samsung pay, Apple pay, Android Pay, Garmin pay Fitbit to pay from your smartwatch on your wrist.

But these features only use when if stores allow mean that store systems work with contactless payments.

2. Time-related Feature’s benefits of a smartwatch

Telling time: This is the best and a lot more convenient to check the date, time and weekday on a watch compared to a smartwatch. Some smartwatch provides stopwatch features.

This feature is similar compared to most smartphone clock stopwatches. I prefer a smartwatch stopwatch because I can use this smartwatch any time without my smartphone.

Alarm Clock: Some smartwatches like apple watch come with separate alarms from the phone so you can choose to set alarm on the watch instead of phone and the builds in speakers and vibration on the watch will wake up you.

3. Health-Related Features and Benefits

The best part of the smartwatch is health-related features this all features can help you to improve your health.

Steps Counter: The smartwatch counts your steps and notified you when you can reach your goal and provide you all data on your phone.

Sleep Quality Monitor: The most of smartwatch provides you sleeping tracker features that can track you all sleeping tracker. A different company provides different technologies and different algorithms for sleeping quality monitors.

Heart Rate Monitor: This is the best benefit of a smartwatch I mean heart tracker feature can give you the heat status that can help you to improve your heart status.

Most of the watches track your heart rate in the exercise that is most beneficial for a person. Another benefit is that heart rate measurement connected with AL might be able to accurately detect types of abnormal heart rhythms.

ECG or electrocardiogram: ECG tracking features are the best features for most accurate features for heart tracking that gives more accuracy about the heart. But that feature providing in some watches like apple watch series 4.

Blood Pressure Tracker: Blood pressure monitoring new features for a smartwatch. The first watch that comes with these features is the Omron Heart Guide smartwatch in January 2019. This smartwatch also received FDA clearance.

Emergency SOS: This is the latest feature that can come with Apple to watch these features allow you to call for assistance from your smartwatch.

Fall Detection: This is the most brilliant feature that can come to some devices like Apple watch. This feature allows you to place a call or notifying your emergency contact number when the watch detects Fall. This is possible with an accelerometer and gyroscope on the smartwatch.

Calories: The burnt calories estimation feature is quite common on smartwatches and its calculated based on your activity like steps and logged activity like running and many more.

Sports Features: The sports measurement Features allow you to track your exercises like running, cycling, walking, swimming, strength training, etc. Garmin is well known for its multisport smartwatches and Garmin has highly accurate measurements on sports activates.

4. Music Playing Features benefits of a smartwatch

You can control your smartphone music player and essentially use your smartwatch as a remote or pair the smartwatch with your Bluetooth headset to stream music to your headset from the smartwatch.

The features are the most benefits of a smartwatch not carrying a smartphone when you doing sports or workouts. You can store your all favorites’ music on the smartwatch and even you can stream over the network.

Offline music playback capabilities are not yet very common on smartwatches but it is huge benefits for want to get phone-free experience when doing exercise and workouts.

5. Calling Features

There are two methods for receiving and answering the calls first one is you can make calls with the smartwatch that can come with network connects and have speakers and microphones.

The second one is you can use your smartwatch as a remote to answer a call on your smartphone or make a call by asking the Siri to make calls from your smartphones.


So Instead of disadvantages, I think it is more appropriate to talk about problems that such a clock can cause or, in any case, poorly solved aspects.

It is clear that size is a limitation according to what functionalities. But this is a difficult aspect to solve because a watch must have a size according to the wrist of a human being and that is proportional.

Another aspect to solve today is the autonomy of the battery. Most of them are synchronized with their corresponding smartphones and have a range of about 12 hours.

The exception is the Fitbit wristbands that, as I have said before, which have a very specific function and have greater autonomy.

The compatibility with the Smartphone is another aspect to solve and in which manufacturers should define a development standard that facilitates the choice of the device to users since today it is not possible to use any smartwatch with any model of Smartphone.

The cost of these devices can also be a brake on their implementation. And while we can find mid-range devices for around 400$.

The price could be triggered by the payment of mobile communications patents if it was decided to incorporate this technology in smartwatches.

Remember that nowadays Internet connectivity is done through your connection to the Smartphone.

Finally, and it is not a trivial theme, watch designs must be improved. In the end, we are talking about a technological element.

But also a fashion accessory. Manufacturers must put their ingenuity in selling not only the technology but also a more attractive aspect to captivate the user.


We cannot say today if smartwatches will be able to revolutionize our lives as you have done in a short time.

But the future is not written, but if manufacturers can generate in the consumer the need for this gadget through for example functionality that cannot cover another type of device or a differential use experience, I am

So iam sure that in a very short time We will all carry on our wrist a smartwatch, in the same way, that we carry one or several smartphones in our pockets or bags.

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