Best smartwatch for 9 year old boy 2020 ( Ultimate Guide )

let’s start with the list of best smartwatch for 9 year old boy.

Best smartwatch for 9 year old boy

If You are curious about your child and want to stay your children healthy and most important you if you can track your child then a smartwatch is best for that.

Because a smartwatch has features that you need for your children like health tracking, daily activity tracking, Location tracking by GPS.

Location tracking features make your children secure because you can tracks your children every movement and every location where your children can go.

If you think every time about the security of your child then Smartwatches is the most essential thing that you need.

What is Smartwatch

Smartwatch is a device that helps you yo track your daily life activity like your steps that you walk, your exercises, calories you burned, your sleep quality, heart rate sensor, blood pressure checking feature.

Enesionly smartwatch makes for daily life activity. But now the smartwatch has a tracking feature and other features that easy for lifelike Notification from phone, Location tracking, Standalone smartwatch.

A standalone smartwatch makes you free from the phone because that smartwatch has a sim option and you can make calls SMS from smartwatch without smartphone.

That is best because some people forget their phone at home. For that person they can use a smartwatch instead of phone.

Now let’s start the list of smartwatch for best smartwatch for 9 year old boy. In this is you will find affordable well-locking Lot of features supporting smartwatches.

VTech KidiZoom Smartwatch

The first smartwatch in the list of best smartwatch for 9 year old boy. If you are looking smartwatch that educates your child and also entertains your boy then this is the best smartwatch.

Because this smartwatch has two cameras that allow you, child, to take pictures selfies and also videos. The watch faces can be customized that helps your children to get more experience.

This smartwatch helps your children to learn and tell time by 55 digital and analog faces, They can be customized. Vtech kidizoom smartwatch gives your children reality games experience because this smartwatch many inbuild games.

Monster capture game helps your children to create an augmented reality gaming experience where you can capture monsters in the real world.

By using micro-USB cable you can upload photos and videos, recharge your smartwatch also download extra free content like games and Seasonal clock faces.

Features of Vtech KidiZoom

Two cameras: Vtech smartwatch has two cameras that allow your children to capture pictures and videos.

Watch Faces: This smartwatch has more than 55 analog and digital smartwatch faces. That gives your children a great experience and helps your children to learn and tell time.

Games: Games are the best experience that you give your children because games can entertain your children. Most important games can build many types of skills in your children like brain and hand coordination and many more.

Motion Sensor: This smartwatch has a motion sensor for activity play challenges, a pedometer to count your children steps and fun sound effects, features.

Parental control: Parental control mode enable you to set the limit of Play for your children

  • Two cameras
  • Watch faces
  • Helps to learn and entertain you children
  • Parental control
  • Games
  • No GPS
  • Some reviewer claim band quality issue

Frozen Smartwatch

The 2nd smartwatch that iam including in the list of best smartwatch for 9 year old boy is Frozen Smartwatch. This smartwatch is best for both girls and boys because this is best at this price.

This Design of this smartwatch based on Disney frozen cartoon that every child like for this reason I was asked early this smartwatch is best for both girls and boys.

Frozen Smartwatch comes with selfie-cam, voice recorder, 3x games, pedometer, alarm, stopwatch, and calculator.

By using this smartwatch your children take photos and videos. That is the best part also that data is downloadable and Share these movements with your family and friends.

This smartwatch is giftable because every child like this watch for many reasons like its features and also touch screen. The screen of this smartwatch is a little bit week. The screen will break easily because the screen is not broke prof.

But the chances are 10% approximately if your children use this smartwatch with little bit care then this is the best watch in its price with the best features.

Features of Frozen Smartwatch

Camera and voice Recorder: Frozen Smartwatch has a camera and voice recorder that helps your children to take videos and photos even record their voices.

Stopwatch and Alarm: This smartwatch has a stopwatch and alarm features that are I think useful for your children in many tasks.

Gift-able: If you see Gift that you give you children that smartwatch is the best gift trust me because I will learn everything about this smartwatch its pros and cons.

Water-resistant: Frozen smartwatch a water-resistant features that give another satisfaction because your children wear this smartwatch I water.

Long Battery life: This watch has a long battery life.

  • value for money
  • water resistance
  • easy to use
  • Giftable
  • long battery life
  • Issue with Screen freezing
  • Some reviews claim if this watch turn off then it cannot be turn on make sure check this

Wzpiss Smartwatch

The another smartwatch that iam including in the list of best smartwatch for 9 year old boy is Wzpiss smartwatch. Before iam reviewing this smartwatch I will clear you about something.

That is this smartwatch is made for everyone, if your child little bit mature or you want to buy that smartwatch. Which your child uses a long time then this smartwatch is better than others.

Because this smartwatch has a stainless steel surface with Nano TPU85 material watch strap also ha precision laminating process. The other thing in this design is the soft strap with ergonomic convex design.

Wzpiss smartwatch has multifunction fitness features like pedometers that count your steps, calories, distance, sleep monitoring, sedentary remind.

Other features are image viewer, sound recorder, remote capture, Alarm clock, calendar, calculator, camera.

This is the best and satisfied solution for your child because if any issue will be found in this smartwatch the Wzpiss offers the free and new replacement solution.

Features of Wzpiss Smartwatch

Design: The design of this smartwatch is unique because that has a stainless steel surface, precision laminating process, Nano TPU85 Material, Soft strap that gives comfort especially the child.

Ergonomics convex design, Unique waterproof design, Wzpiss smartwatch is good for outdoor activity. Also Wzpiss has 1.54″ TFT LCD 2.5D radian capacitive touchscreen. Which has 240/240 Pixels resolutions make clear look screen.

Bluetooth Model: If you buy this model then you are using this smartwatch model with the help of a smartphone. You will connect this smartwatch with a smartphone with the help of Bluetooth.

And control your phone with a smartwatch. You will get mobile notification, call, and SMS on your wrist also you will Answer calls and messages from the watch.

Sim Model: By using this model you are free from the phone because if you insert the sim in the smartwatch. You are able to call and receive calls and messages on a smartwatch without the help of a smartphone.

Basically this model is a standalone Smartwatch model. It’s up to you which model you buy but this sim model is best for your child.

Multi Fitness Features: Wzpiss smartwatch has multi fitness features like a pedometer (that tracks your steps, distance, calories) sleep monitoring, sedentary remind.

Other Features: Other features are Image viewer, sound recorder, ( Need you to put SD card in smartwatch), Remote Capture, Alarm clock, Calendar, Calculator, Camera ( 0.3 M ).

  • Giftable
  • Value for money
  • Touch Screen
  • Better battery life
  • Easy to use
  • Great Accuracy
  • Some reviewer claim Connecting issue
  • Can’t silent calls and notification on smartwatch

Merit Soar Smartwatch

The other on that iam including in the list of best smartwatch for 9 year old boy is Merit Soar smartwatch. This smartwatch has a Camera and recorder with MP3 Player that entertain your child.

You child able to take selfie with this watch and record his voice and also save that images and voices in his smartwatch because this smartwatch comes with Free 1GB Micro SD card.

Merit Soar smartwatch comes with Funny games that are 2048, Basketball shoot master, bee war, pinball, hit brick, car grab goods, eat gold, ultimate racing.

It will helps kids Find and capture the more interesting things at home. Your children make calls and receive calls from this smartwatch that is good for your children safety.

Merit Soar Commit to offer the best customer service and promise return policy. If you are not satisfied with the product.

Features of Merit Soar Smartwatch

Camera and voice Recorder: Merit soar Smartwatch has a camera and voice recorder that helps your children to take pictures, videos and record their voices and save in smartwatch with 1GB free micro SD.

MP3 Player: Your children able you listen to their favorite music in smartwatch bu selecting an audio player.

Games: The Next exciting thing in this smartwatch is its Games that entertain your children. It will help kids to find and capture more interesting things beyond the real world.

Communication: Your kids can make and receive calls by using this smartwatch. I think this feature helps in Kids security.

No Need Sim Card: Merit Soar smartwatch works with sim or without sim. It’s up to you. But I think if your child little mature and he knows how to make and receive calls then sim is necessary.

More Features: Other features of this smartwatch is Time and date, Support for synchronization with Sim card or manual setting, Alarm clock, Album, Record, Calculator, Support mutiple languages.

  • Accuracy
  • Value for money
  • Excellent battery life
  • Touch screen
  • Easy to use
  • Calls issue with some reviews

TickTalk 3 Kids Smartwatch

The last watch that iam including in the list of best smartwatch for 9 year old boy is TickTalk 3. Before iam starting this review of this smartwatch iam aking something if you have a budget 150$ for your child.

Then go for this watch that is the best watch that iam including in this list. Iam adding this watch in last because the TickTalk smartwatch is a little bit expensive smartwatch.

But This smartwatch full fill your child desire If you cannot have time to read a whole article then I will recommend you Don’t read all articles and go for this watch blindly.

Because this watch has face to face video calling feature that help your child make a video call anytime anywhere. It will support a 800 x 480 dpi resolution.

This watch has WIFI connectivity features, Instant messaging features. Your child sends messages individual or group chat. Ticktalk smartwatch allows your child to send present messages like “iam on the school bus”, “I’ll call you later”.

Features of TickTalk Smartwatch

Video calling: TickTalk smartwatch has face to face video calling features that help you, child, to talk with you face to face from anywhere anytime. It’s first and the only Kids watch phone that can make video calls smoothly in the USA.

Messaging: This smartwatch ha new and instant messaging feature that allows your child to send text messages, voice messages, photos, and emojis. Also your child able to send message individual person or group chat.

Your Kids send a preset text messages like “Just arrived”, “iam on the school bus”, “I’ll call you later”. It’s not allowed to set your custom messages.

Locator: The locator feature helps parents to see on the map where had the child been. Due to the reception, the new locator is 50% faster than the other.

Water Resistant: TickTalk Smartwatch has a water-resistant feature that is most useful because this helps your kids to use this watch in water.

Other Features: The watch has also other features that is basic in the watch.

  • Video Calling
  • Instant Messages
  • Accuracy
  • Best Tech support
  • Great Sound Quality
  • Value for money
  • Some Reviewer claim battery issue


Now I think you read the full article. But if you can’t it’s time to give you some tips that help you to find the best smartwatch for your child. Before buying your smartwatch decide your budget.

That helps you to find the best one in this list I was reviewing the best 5 watches that help your child in terms of many things like entertainment, help them to learn new things, and many more.

Before buying the smartwatch check proper review of that watch on this page.

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