Best smartwatch under 100 USD 2020 ( Ultimate Guide )

What is SmartWatch

Let’s start with the best smartwatch under 100 USD list. that helps you to use the best smartwatch for your daily life and to monitor your daily life activities.

The best smartwatch under 100 USD 2020 – A smartwatch is a portable device that makes for your wrist.

The smartwatch can give you notifications of your calls and messages and other apps like Facebook, Whatsapp, snap chat, twitter and many more.

The best part of these smartwatches is to record your medical status like your heartbeat, blood pressure.

But these devices can track your steps you can walk and track your burned calories and display all this data on your smartphone.

Short History of Smartwatches

While smartwatches have been around all world some with an ability like calculators and unit converters. But in 2010 tech companies releasing devices that have smartphone ability.

Samsung, Apple, Sony, and other big companies offer smartwatches in the consumer market. But now a day if smartwatches popular in the world with modern technologies all credit goes to pebble.

When Pebble announced its first smartwatch in 2013, it raised a large record amount of funding on Kickstarter. Pebble sells more than 1 million units of the smartwatch with modern technologies.

At the same time, Advances in silicon miniaturization opened the door to other dedicated purpose smartwatches. Companies like Garmin, for example, Fenix support smartwatch. Which is more rugged and more optimized with sensors and trackers.

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What Do Smartwatches Do?

The smartwatches do many things that can explain in the below.

Notification: Smartwatches display notification on your smartwatches to alert you about any events or activities. The notification gets fro the phone simply you can say. The smartwatches mirror your mobile notifications on your wrist smartwatches.

Apps: Beyond displaying the notification from your phone, a smartwatch is only as good as the apps it supports.

Media Management: Moat smartwatches paired with smartwatches and you can use your smartwatch as playback. If you can listen to music on your smartphone. you can control the volume of your song with your smartwatches.

Answer messages by Voice; You can answer messages by voice using smartwatches.

Fitness Tracking: The best part of the smartwatch is to track your fitness like your heartbeat, blood pressure, steps you can traveling and many more.

1.Pebble Smartwatch Black

If you are looking best color smartwatch which is best for you in features and other functions with multi-colors.

So don’t worry I will tell you the first Watch in the list of the Best smartwatch under 100 USD is Pebble Smartwatch Black. This watch you can wear with all types of wardrobe. This product is a very nice and good aesthetic appeal.

pebble smartwatch

Pebble smartwatch connects with your android devices and ios devices quickly and you can see who can call. you and who can send you messages and anything that can provide a Pebble smartwatch.

you can send an email and see the calendar and access the most important apps that are for you and those apps you can use most.

Pebble smartwatch comes with Bluetooth 2.1 and 4.1. and also a pebble smartwatch can give us great experiences with the three-axis accelerometer.

This feature is most useable. These Features provide us gesture detection you can get your notification your hand by waving your hand up and down

Features of Pebble Smartwatch

Notifications: View your notification from your messages, calls, emails, calendar and your all favorite apps on your wrist

Chronological Display: You can get the chronological display of calendar and notification on your wrist

Faces and Apps; You can download watch faces and apps to customize your suit your styles and interests

Music Control: You can easily control your music which is a play on Spotify, iTunes, Pandora and many more

Battery Timing: You can easily access 5-7 days battery time on a single charge

Compatibility: This smartwatch is compatible with android and ios ( IOS 6 and higher

  • Use same time on phone and Bluetooth
  • Respond message with canned messages
  • Waterproof
  • Compatible with all lights
  • Usable buttons
  • High tech look
  • NO Microphone
  • No Heartbeat Detector
  • Charging cable is proprietary (don’t lose it!)

2.AmazFit Bip Smartwatch

The next one on the list of the Best smartwatch under 100 USD is AmazFit Bip Smartwatch. This smartwatch is the perfect companion to keep you organized and help to improve your all-day productivity.

amazfit bip smartwatch

This device can give you fitness tracking like the heart rate monitor. The steps tracker when you traveled. Check your burned calories, Track your quality sleeping.

The best part of this smartwatch is special sport modes ( running, treadmill, cycling, running ) and many more can give you detailed information about your activity.

Features of AmazFit Bip Smartwatch

Good Looking: With a range of different colors and options. This smartwatch designed worn by an extension of your personal style.

Go the distanced: This smartwatch provides you 30 days battery backup on a single charge.

Fitness Tracker: The best part of the smartwatch is a fitness tracker. That smartwatch track your fitness like steps, heartbeat, calories you burned and many more.

Notification Reminder: This smartwatch alerts you with the notification from your SMS and calls and your favorite apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, snap chat and many more.

Satisfaction Guaranteed: The buyer of this smartwatch 30-day refund policy and gives you a 12-month new replacement warranty.

  • Very lightweight
  • style like Apple watch
  • GPS
  • heart rate monitor
  • Pedometer
  • Reasonable price
  • Steps And heart rate tracker not always precise
  • Graphics In low Resolutions
  • Lack of music and controls
  • Cannot respond to notifications

3. Letsfit Smartwatch

the next watch in the list of best smartwatch under 100 USD is Letsfit smartwatch that is the best smartwatch in his price many people use this smartwatch and tells positive reviews.

letsfit smartwatch review

This Smartwatch has a 1.3-inch large touch screen that provides you a clear display about your heart rate and other fitness information about your health.

letsfit smartwatch review

This smartwatch can track your daily activities like calories you burned, steps you walk in 24 hours, sports mileage, and sleep quality status 24 hours a day whilst syncing with our veryfitpro app.

You can enjoy all these features with the 10 Days battery backups that give you more performance and Great support.

The best part of this smartwatch is Calls And messages notification. you can receive Calls and read messages and SNS notifications straight to your device.

This device gives you notification from your favorite apps like Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapps, Linkedin and Instagram.

Features of Letsfit Smartwatch

Overtake your expectation: This smartwatch featuring a 1.3-inch large touch screen that allows you to understand your health more intuitively by displaying your heart rate and sports data that you understand easily.

letsfit smartwatch review

Monitor and protect: This smartwatch monitor and protect your health including a bunch of new features, including music control, even this smartwatch has stress training.

Functional and affordable: The letsfit smartwatch has health trackers, letsfit smartwatch can monitor your health and fitness

Other Health Function: This smartwatch has features that track the calories you burned and your sleep quality.

Calls And Messages: YOu can receive your messages and calls notification directly on your wrist.

  • Fitness Accurate Tracking
  • Sleeping Tracking
  • Battery Life is good
  • Best In this price tag
  • Easy to use
  • Watch Reliability
  • Build Quality

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