Best cheap smartwatch that works with iPhone [ Update August 2019 ]

Best Brand Smartwatches

What is smartwatch

The cheap smartwatch that works with iPhone – A smartwatch is a portable device that makes for your wrist. Smartwatch is the best device for that person who can improve their health and others. The smartwatch can give you notifications of your calls and messages and other apps like Facebook, Whatsapp, snap chat, twitter and many more.

cheap smartwatch that works with iPhone

The best part of these smartwatches is to help you to improve your health with the help of your heartbeat, blood pressure Trackers. Those devices can track your steps you can walk and track your burned calories and display all this data on your smartphone.

smartwatch becoming fast popular then fitness tracker, But this all goes and thanks to Apple Watch. But you don’t have to be an iPhone user to wear a smartwatch, Because there is a slew of wear OS. Formally Android Wear watches from which you choose. Even the apple watch itself has become cheaper.

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What Do Smartwatches Do?

The smartwatches do many things that can explain in the below.

Apps: Beyond displaying the notification from your phone, a smartwatch is only as good as the apps it supports.

Media Management: Moat smartwatches paired with smartwatches and you can use your smartwatch as playback. If you can listen to music on your smartphone. You can control the volume of your song with your smartwatches.

Fitness Tracking: The best part of the smartwatch is to track your fitness like your heartbeat, blood pressure, steps you can traveling and many more.

Media Management: Moat smartwatches paired with smartwatches and you can use your smartwatch as playback. If you can listen to music on your smartphone. You can control the volume of your song with your smartwatches.

Notification: Smartwatches display notification on your smartwatches to alert you about any events or activities. The notification gets fro the phone simply you can say. The smartwatches mirror your mobile notifications on your wrist smartwatches.

The cheap smartwatch that works with iPhone

cheap smartwatch that works with iPhone

1. Apple Watch Series 3 Smartwatch

The apple watch series 3 38mm with GPS is the cheap smartwatch that works with iPhone. You can receive Notification and respond to your messages on your wrist. The watch integrated with the phone. The series 3 also has many of the same fitness trackers features like heart tracker that we love about higher-priced series 4.

The best and more affordable Apple series 3 can passively monitor you’re all medical fitness like heart rate. You can get the notification and respond that messages directly with the help of your wrist series 3 watch.

The best part of this smartwatch is you don’t need to splurge on the LTE model that can give the best features. The app will bring to roll out watchOS 6 this fall, which will bring even more features to the Apple watch series 3.

Another Best thing is The series 3 has to stand alone watch app store and fully independent watch apps. The Popular iPhone apps like calculator and voice memos and new health apps that can track you all medical fitness.

Features of Apple watch series 3

GPS: You can use GPS on a series Smartwatch.

Heart Rate: You can track your heart rate with the help of apple watch series 3 that can help you to improve your health.

Processor: This watch comes with S3 with a dual-core processor.

Water Proof: you can use this watch in water and also you can use this in your swimming. Because this watch is swim-proof.

Mobile Payment: You can your payments by Apple pay.

  • Best Fitness Tracker Features
  • Fast Siri
  • Apple music streams with LTE
  • Affordable
  • Still Just 18-hours battery life

2.AmazFit Bip Smartwatch

The next one on the list of the cheap smartwatch that works with iPhone is AmazFit Bip Smartwatch. This smartwatch is the perfect companion to keep you organized and help to improve your all-day productivity.

This device can give you fitness tracking like the heart rate monitor. The steps tracker when you traveled. Check your burned calories, Track your quality sleeping.

The best part of this smartwatch is special sport modes ( running, treadmill, cycling, running ) and many more can give you detailed information about your activity.

Features of AmazFit Bip Smartwatch

Good Looking: With a range of different colors and options. This smartwatch designed worn by an extension of your personal style.

Go the distanced: This smartwatch provides you 30 days battery backup on a single charge.

Fitness Tracker: The best part of this smartwatch is a fitness tracker. this smartwatch track your fitness like steps, heartbeat, calories you burned and many more.

Notification Reminder: This smartwatch alerts you with the notification from your SMS and calls and your favorite apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, snap chat and many more.

Satisfaction Guaranteed: The buyer of this smartwatch 30-day refund policy and gives you a 12-month new replacement warranty.

  • Very lightweight
  • style like Apple watch
  • GPS
  • heart rate monitor
  • Pedometer
  • Reasonable price
  • Steps And heart rate tracker not always precise
  • Graphics In low Resolutions
  • Lack of music and controls

3. Fitbit Versa Smartwatch

The next one on the list of the cheap smartwatch that works with iPhone is Fitbit Versa Smartwatch. Fitbit vera can give us almost all features that we want in a smartwatch like accurate heart rate tracking, lengthy battery life, colorful touch-screen display.

The Negative thing is the Versa does not have onboard GPS, which would make it a more capable apple watch rival, and its app store is not as well as stocked as the apple. But with four days battery day life backup cross-platform compatibility and an affordable price, the Versa is mainstream smartwatch to beat.

Features of Versa smartwatch

Plus Features: You can store and play 300 plus songs, Utilize on-screen workouts that play on your wrist and coach you through every move and track even track swim laps and floors climbed.

Fitness Tracking: You can track your heart rate and sleep stage all with a 4-day battery life.

Exercise Modes: You can use 15 plus exercise modes like run or swim and many more.

Apps Supported: you can access your all favorite apps for sports, weather and more like getting calls, calendar, text, and app alerts.

Notification Reminder: You can get the call, text calendar and smartwatch app notification when your phone nearby you.

Radio Transceiver: The watch has Bluetooth 4.0

Compatible: You can use this watch with iPhone, Android and Windows phones.

  • Lightweight design
  • Four-day battery life
  • Female Health-tracker
  • insightful sleep analysis
  • Small app store
  • no onboard GPS

4. Samsung Gear Sport Smartwatch

The next one on the list of the cheap smartwatch that works with iPhone is Samsung Gear Sport Smartwatch. Samsung’s Gear sports smartwatch was specially made for a fitness-focused smartwatch that is not quite good as Samsung’s new Galaxy watch active. But the older watch can be had for a cheaper price.

If you want a larger Samsung smartwatch with rotating bezel, The Samsung Gear sports Smartwatch is a solid choice. I would say that the Gear sports smartwatch has a sportier look than the Gear S3 Frontier, but it feels more refined.

This smartwatch automatically detects your activity like running walking and many more whatever you doing. The Gear smartwatch is the BEst and fast GPS support. This device picks your locations fast.

Features of Samsung Gear Sport Smartwatch

Display: 1.2inch Super AMOLED Capacitive Touchscreen w/ Corning Gorilla Glass 3.

Internal Memory: 4GB, 768MB Ram

Mil-STD-810G Compliant, 50m waterproof.

Processor: This device made with Tizen-Based wearable Platform 3.0, Exynos 3250 Dual Chipset, Dual-core 1.0 GHz Processor

  • Attractive, durable design
  • Good Fitness Tracker
  • Fun assortment
  • Waterproof
  • Limited Feature When Connected To iPhone
  • Few apps compared to WatchOS

5.TicWatch E Comfortable Smartwatch

The First one is the list of What is a good smartwatch for Android is TicWatch E Comfortable smartwatch. This is one of the highest-rated Android smartwatches.

The ticwatch is the full feature pack and stylish watch which can come with all features that can improve your life and health.

Features of TicWatch

Android Wear 2.0: With thousands of android wear apps, There is no limit to what you can get from ticWatch E. You can get your favorite Apps and watch faces.

Fitness Tracker: This smartwatch can track you all medical fitness status like walk, runs, rides and heart rate and strength training with google FIt and your favorite fitness apps. you can stream your music on your wrist with the help of a watch.

Personal Vice Assistant: This is the perfect google assistance smartwatch you can get answers os your questions. You can get directions. even this assistance can remind you about your calls. Press hold the power button and you can say OK Google. Phone calls compatible with android devices.

Abnormal Battery Capacity: If you can meet abnormal battery fall don’t worry. It is not a quality issue. Please charge that watch more than 2 hours before you start to use it. Use that watch till the end of the battery and charge it up to full for 1-3 cycles.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee: You can back that watch if you can find any reason and 12-month warranty for quality-related issues.

  • Fitness Companion
  • Six Unique Colors
  • Personal Assistance
  • Wear OS by Google
  • Charged Before you start using it
  • sometimes battery drain very quickly

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