Garmin 645 vs 945: Which one is the Best (Ultimate Guide)

You are confused to choose the best one that helps you. Let’s clear your doubt about garmin 645 vs 945. Here you find These two smartwatches Pure reviews. After reading this article you are able to choose the best smartwatch for you.

But before iam starting this review. iam adding about what is a smartwatch. If you are known about what is a smartwatch that’s really great you skip this information. But if you cannot know what is a smartwatch then it’s a must-read.

What is Smartwatch

Smartwatch is a device that helps you to improve your health. Smartwatch has all fitness & Tracking tracking features. You can track heart rate, sleeping quality, calories you burned, Count the steps that you walk. Also, the smartwatch has exercise tracking modes that track your cardio and resistant exercises.

By using smartwatches you can track running, walking, cycling, swimming, and many more. Now, most of the smartwatch that made has a standalone feature that means you can use that smartwatch without a smartphone. Because of Standalone smartwatch support Sim Card. You can insert a Sim card and makes calls and messages. Even you can receive calls and messages on your wrist.

Now iam starting the actual reviews about garmin 645 vs 945. SO read all these comparison reviews carefully. Because after that you are able to decide which is the best smartwatch for you.

Garmin 645 Smartwatch Review

The first watch that iam reviewing in the comparison of garmin 645 vs 945 is Garmin 645. If you find a smartwatch that tracks a variety of exercises. Then Garmin 645 is the best option. But the most high-lighted feature of 645 is Music.

Garmin 645 Review

If you are a Athletes that want to listen to music during their exercises then the Garmin is the best option. Because it has both online and offline music support. You can listen to music through Spotify. Also, 645 has 4GB of Internal storage that stores your 500 favorite songs.

Which makes you relax. Personally, iam a music lover and I need music while am I doing exercises. Now let’s talk about other features that also you like in Garmin 645. Garmin comes with a lightweight design. which has a large screen that provides you with data clearly.

Garmin has a very great sensors that tracks you activates like sleeping quaity, hear rate, even the stress counter works very well that’s important thing. But the intervase of garmin has some delay.

Like if you press the button to track your running then you need to wait for 2 to 5 seconds to change the screen. Also, the other disadvantage of 645 is Battery life. It has very poor battery life. You get only 7 hours of battery backup on a single charge.

Features of Garmin 645

Daily Activity Tracker: The tracker feature of Garmin is very great in that’s tracks your Heart rate, sleep quality, Your exercises, Stress tracker. Also, garmin provides you advanced dynamic running data including ground contact, time balance, stride length, vertical ratio, and many more.

Music: You can store 500 of your favorite songs on garmin 645 because it has 4GB internal memory. Also, you listen to music online by using Spotify.

Design: The Garmin Has a lightweight and very lovely design that provides you a decent look. You can wear this smartwatch on various occation. That provides you some extra coolness.

Battery Life: The Disadvantages of this watch is the battery life. You get 7 hours of battery backup on a single charge. The drawback of Garmin645.

  • Great Activity Tracker
  • Sleep tracking
  • Lightweight design
  • Made for working out
  • Not enough battery life
  • 2 to 3 sec response delay while using run mode.

Garmin 945 Smartwatch

The other one that iam reviewing in the comparison of garmin 645 vs 945 is Garmin 945. If you find a watch that helps you in training. And your all focus is training then Garmin 945 is the best watch for you.

Garmin 945 Review

Because Garmin comes with a great heart rate sensor. That provides you the detail of your heart rate. With the help of you track your cardio exercises. Also, the design of the Garmin 945 is very lovely. The Garmin comes with a 1.2 transflective Display, 47mm case, 13.7mm thick, 22mm straps.

The various exercise modes help you to tracks your exercises. Garmin 945 has a lot of features and you can’t use all features. But if you have a focus on running then this is the best choice for you.

Because Garmin 945 has both GPS and smartwatch mode. That helps you to track your running exercise efficiently and provide you with data to enhance your performance. Let’s talk about the feature which both 645 and 945 have.

That’s a piece of music yes you listen to music on Garmin 945 by downloading. Also, you listen to music on amazon music and Spotify with a premium subscription,

Features of Garmin 945

Activity & Exercise Tracker: Garmin has a great heart rate tracking feature. Also, you track your workouts with this smartwatch. If your focus is to buy a watch that tracks your running effectively then the Garmin 945 is the best choice for you.

GPS Tracking: Garmin 945 has a GPS that tracks your real-time running and provides you instant data which increases your efficiency. Also, you get 2-week battery backup with a single charge. Which is enough with the high-end feature device.

Music Support: You can download your favorite music on Garmin 945. Also, you can listen to music by using Spotify and amazon music with a premium subscription. Personally, I am a music Lover and I need music during a workout. if you are a music lover then Consider this feature.

Contactless payment: When you go outside then don’t worry about your wallet and cash if you have a Garmin 945. Because you pay your cash by using Contactless payment system ( Available for the supported card).

Onboard Map: The other feature that makes me excited is the Onboard colorful map. Because if you have a map then you can’t lose your home while running. And also the maps will helpful.

Safety & Tracking Feature: The best feature that really needs you because this will help you when some incident happened with you. If you happened something then The watch sends the location to your emergency contact through your smartphone that compares with this watch at that time.

  • Great Tracking feature
  • GPS support
  • Music support
  • Contactless payment
  • Onboard Map
  • Safety Feature
  • Little Bit expensive
  • DoubtFul while tracking swimming

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