Letscom fitness tracker vs Fitbit 2020 (Ultimate Guide)

Letscom fitness tracker vs Fitbit

I think you are confused to choose the best one for you. because Both are the best for fitness tracking. Now you think how am I known. because you read this article to get a detailed comparison that clear your mind about sone. don’t worry iam hear to clear your mind about Letscom fitness tracker vs Fitbit Versa.

After reading this article you are able to choose the best one which completes your desire. Letscom is not a well-known company in the comparison of Fitbit.

But the Letscom Companie believe it. The letscom fitness tracker is best in Heart rate, Blood pressure, etc. I think that right because of 10000 reviews on Amazon says everything about this smartwatch. As a new device lestcom makes its position well known in the market.

What is Fitness Tracker

Fitness trackers are wearable devices that help you to improve your life. Fitness trackers help you to track the rate of your heartbeat. Also fitness tracks has a ability to tracks your exerices and gives you complete data. That helps you to improve your health and take care of your fitness.

The best part that I like in the fitness tracks is personal assistant. This feature helps you to get your instant notifications on your wrist. All these functionalities can easy your life. The fitness trackers have a waterproof case, music player with the most popular music streaming services.

Fitness Trackers are good products that can use in the daily routine. but smartwatches are quite expensive products. It is very difficult to get a smartwatch for a middle family person. For that type of person, fitness trackers are the best option.

Letsfit VS Fitbit

The market is full of fitness trackers and smartwatches. Many devices provide you best services and give you a lot of advantages. And many are wasted money. but in this article. I am focused on the Letscom fitness tracker vs Fitbit. Because these two devices are the best devices in his price tag.

It is very difficult to choose the best fitness tracker. Because their are a lot of wearable devices in the market. For that iam review Letscom vs Fitbit. Because letscom is a fitness tracker and Fitbit is a smartwatch.

Types of fitness tracker

There are three types of fitness tracker in the market that helps you. I am describing these three types to understand. Which Fitness tracker you need.

Basic Fitness tracker: The basic fitness tracker is made for that person. Who track their running and walking types of activity. The basic fitness tracker counts the approximate number of steps for you. The basic Fitness tracker calculates your traveling distances by using data.

If you are athletes a person that can care for their health and do every day. Like cardio running, walking, and many more. You can find This type of fitness tracker under 100$.

Heart Rate Monitoring Tracker: The next type of fitness tracker has heart rate monitoring sensors. That helps you to contains your heart rate and blood pressure. Don’t worry this type of fitness tracker also has basic features.

Basically these types of fitness trackers have a little bit of improvement. Because that also tracks the calories that you burned. Basically, these types of fitness trackers make for that person. Who can get data about their heart health? And also see how many calories he burned.

Heath Tracker With GPS:  The last type of fitness tracker has a GPS sensor with a Heart rate sensor. These types of fitness tracker has all features and functionality. that I am discus before. But this type of fitness tracker has some plus point.

This type of fitness tracker has the best capability to tracks your cardio exercises. Because these fitness trackers have an inbuilt GPS sensor. That helps to get brief data about your health.

Key Features of Fitness Tracker

These features that iam describing below are the key features. That helps you to choose the best fitness tracker. If you have a fitness tracker that has these features. That is the best fitness tracker. But if you need to buy a new fitness tracker. Then must check these features in those devices.

Daily Activity tracking: Imagine if you have a fitness tracker that can’t track your heart rate. Also can’t track your daily activities then that a fully useless for. You need a fitness tracker that tracks your daily life activity like steps, sleep quality, calories, exercises.

wireless syncing: Wireless syncing means the device that you see sported this function. This function lets your device update all data in your mobile app as you are exercising.

Activity Notifications: This feature is an alert feature that can alert you. When you move or when you can be accomplished your goals.

Water Resistance: this feature is best because of the exercise. if you can sweating and the device will work properly

1.LetsCom Fitness Tracker

The next one is on the List of Letscom fitness tracker vs Fitbit is the letscom fitness tracker. which gives you multifunction that makes your life easy.

Letscom Fitness tracker

first thing is to provide Medical status that helps you to improve your health. The best part of that watch is to count your step, calories burned count. This is the best feature to improve your fitness and the loss of your weight.

Smart connectivity feature provides you all notification for calls and messages on your wrist.

Features of LetsCom Fitness Tracker

Smart Connectivity: Get All Calls And Messages Notification On Your Wrist

Extra Features: Moving Reminder, Remote Camera Control, Silent Vibrating Alarms, And many More.

Premium Design: This watch made with 0.86 OLED SCreen, Slim Design Light Weigh and many more.

Works with VeryFitPro App: Tracks your all-day activities with or without your phone. but we recommend you use it with the app for detailed data and more functions.

  • Moving Reminder
  • Call & Message Notification Reminder
  • Silent Vibrator alarms
  • track You activity without connecting smartphone
  • Difficult to Read in sunlight
  • No GPS
  • No music Control

2. Fitbit Versa Smartwatch

The next one on the list of the Letscom fitness tracker vs Fitbit is Fitbit Versa Smartwatch. Fitbit vera can give us almost all features that we want in a smartwatch like accurate heart rate tracking, lengthy battery life, colorful touch-screen display.

Fitbit Versa smartwatch

The Negative thing is the Versa does not have onboard GPS, which would make it a more capable apple watch rival, and its app store is not as well as stocked as the apple.

But with four days battery day life backup cross-platform compatibility and an affordable price, the Versa is the mainstream smartwatch to beat.

Features of Versa smartwatch

Plus Features: You can store and play 300 plus songs, Utilize on-screen workouts that play on your wrist and coach you through every move and track even track swim laps and floors climbed.

Fitness Tracking: You can track your heart rate and sleep stage all with 4-day battery life.

Exercise Modes: You can use 15 plus exercise modes like run or swim and many more.

Apps Supported: you can access you all favorite apps for sports, weather and more like getting calls, calendar, text, and app alerts.

Notification Reminder: You can get the call, and the text sees the calendar. The best part of the smartwatch app notification is when your phone nearby you.

Radio Transceiver: The watch has Bluetooth 4.0

Compatible: You can use this watch with iPhone, Android and Windows phones.

  • Lightweight design
  • Four-day battery life
  • Female Health-tracker
  • insightful sleep analysis
  • Small app store
  • no onboard GPS


So I hope this article will clear your mind about Letscom fitness tracker vs Fitbit. I was review two best fitness tracker that is best in his price tag. But iam saying if you will find only a fitness tracker then you will choose the lestcom and buy from amazon.

Because Lestcom only made with Fitness and health features that will improve your health and fitness. But if you will find the watch that will make you smart with the health and fitness features then you will choose the Fitbit Versa that provide you exercise modes, smart feature and many more.

The best thing in Fitbit its design that is best looks like a watch and you are wearing this wristwatch at the party and with formal that enhances your looks.

Now it’s up to you which watch you will use. When you use you will buy that watch by clicking the Buy on Amazon button that redirects you on Amazon.

Thanks for reading

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