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let’s start with the best watch for fitness reviews that help you to improve your health and fitness. All watches have their pros and cons. It is up to you to choose the best for you

The best watch for fitness

The smartwatch market is a market that is booming, and that is that in the last analysis growth of 65% with respect to the previous year has been estimated.

Part of that success is due to being a market with greater maturity and options for all tastes, from those who seek cutting-edge technology to those who only want some basic functions and do not find it convenient to make a large investment.

Having tried many smartwatches we have realized that today it is very difficult to choose one, and here is that there is no hegemony like Android has on mobile phones.

Here there are a large number of alternatives, some of them being more suitable for a specific task and others for certain functions.

As the market is so saturated with options and not all of them are the same, we will review the main models we recommend and the reasons why you should choose, or not, each one of them.

Amazfit Bip

If you are looking for a watch as cheap as possible, and using a sports band like the Mi Band does not fit your style, the Amazfit Bip is the cheapest watch we recommend. It is not the most sophisticated, but it includes a lot of features for its price.

This is a watch that includes all the basic health tracking tools, the best battery you can find in a watch and a transflective screen (that is, perfect for outdoor viewing), in addition to having standard 22mm straps, That will allow us to improve our style.

For who it is: users who are entering the world of smartwatches and do not want to take too much risk.

  • Amazing value
  • Stylish design
  • Excellent companion app
  • Auto-pause feature doesn’t work
  • Finicky UI
  • Light on supported workouts

Huawei Watch GT

Huawei has improved a lot in smartwatches since they decided to bet on their own operating system, and the Watch GT is their first demonstration of what they are capable of.

Despite having a successor already, the price of the original model makes it very worthwhile.

For who it is: For those looking for a more traditional design and a large battery, valid for casual sport and step measurement, sleep, notification control.

  • Solid Design
  • Better and Incredible battery life
  • Affordable price
  • No third party app access
  • No, build for contactless Payment

Amazfit GTS

The Amazfit GTS is one of the best watch for fitness made by Amazfit and aims directly at users who are in love with the design of the Apple Watch, but look for a much cheaper price and do not want to pay for all the features.

In return, we have a watch with a heart rate sensor, up to 12 sport modes (including swimming), sleep tracking and a lot of customization, both by spheres and by widgets. In terms of battery, it reaches up to 14 days of use, a good figure.

For who it is: For those who value the good design of the Apple Watch and look for casual sport, notifications, and customization.

  • Very lightweight
  • style like Apple watch
  • GPS
  • heart rate monitor
  • Pedometer
  • Reasonable price
  • Steps And heart rate tracker not always precise
  • Graphics In low Resolutions
  • Lack of music and controls
  • Cannot respond to notifications

Fitbit Versa

Fitbit has been a pioneer in wearables for years, becoming a specialized health brand. The Fitbit Versa is, among the entire catalog, the most representative smartwatch of the brand, and despite the fact that they are not the most advanced in intelligent functions, everything they are capable of doing complies with excellence.

The Fitbit Versa Lite is for 109 euros the most recommended in relation to price-quality, while the Versa 2 includes a better quality screen and Alexa voice assistant. The first-generation model is currently in the middle, is only recommended if you want the Fitbit Pay payment system and you do not get the budget for Versa 2.

If you are a woman and you are interested in keeping track of the menstrual cycle, the three Fitbit Versa models offer the option, an option that may be able to decant the balance in your favor.

For who it is: The Fitbit Versa are watches that without becoming specialized in sports, offer a great emphasis on health monitoring, both for the data they collect and for the experience offered by the application.

  • Lightweight design
  • Four-day battery life
  • Female Health-tracker
  • insightful sleep analysis
  • Small app store
  • No onboard GPS

Specialized in sports: Garmin

But if you have more interest in dedicating yourself to sports seriously, Garmin is the brand you should keep in mind.

These watches, without being entirely intelligent, increasingly include more options, but they stand out in offering the best possible accuracy at the sports level, being compatible with extra accessories to have better training experience, in addition to having transflective screens, the best watch for fitness for outdoor use.

For who it is: if your priority is a sport and intelligent functions are in the background, Garmin is the safest bet.

If you have more interest in knowing in depth the capabilities of Garmin watches, we recommend the opinions written by our partner Pedro in his personal blog Word of Runner.

  • Garmin Vivoactive 3 for 169 euros: a watch focused on health and sports, which also has the Garmin Pay NFC payment system.
  • Forerunner 735XT: is a watch designed specifically for triathletes, being able to swim in open water and cycling, as well as running (Features and opinion).
  • Forerunner 245: One of the latest specialized sports watches, with a better heart sensor and more sophisticated software.
  • Fenix ​​5: the highest-end watch of the previous generation is great with price reductions (Features and opinion).

Samsung Galaxy Watch, Active and Active 2

If you are looking for a watch that is really smart, that is loaded with applications, functions, personalization spheres and much more, Samsung is today the brand that has the best product globally.

The Galaxy Watch and Watch Active are products that combine hardware, software, style, and sports functions. They are not the best watch for fitness to prepare a marathon, but they are exceptionally good for training in the gym and for good health monitoring.

For who it is: whoever looks for the best smartwatch compatible with Android will not regret Samsung. He is not the best at anything, but he is almost the best in everything.

  • Samsung Galaxy Watch Active for 199 euros.
  • Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 from 299 euros.
  • Samsung Galaxy Watch (42mm) for 199 euros.
  • Samsung Galaxy Watch (46mm) for 289 euros.

The reasons for wanting to wear OS on a smartwatch and its best models

Or finally, we have Wear OS, a system that at the level of technical specifications has become outdated, with watches that do not have a good battery or good sports tracking. They are purely techie products, and in that area, they are not a more serious bet than the one offered by Samsung. However, they do have some virtues that make you want one.

  • The best notification control on a watch: Wear OS integration with notifications is at a higher level.
  • The Google Assistant: today does not end up working as well as Google Now did, but it is very useful.
  • Google Pay: one of the most widespread clock payment systems.
  • Google Maps: a very useful application to use on the watch.
  • Updates: Google has almost complete control of Wear OS and this system is updated frequently.

There are two great options today if you want a Wear OS watch.

  • Fossil Gen 4 for 139 euros on Amazon. The fourth generation of Fossil includes heart rate measurement, is suitable for swimming and includes NFC to use Google Pay. Although it is not the same watch by design, it works internally just like the Fossil Q Explorist HR we tested a while ago.
  • Ticwatch Pro for 171 euros on Amazon: this watch is the best reason to wear Wear OS since it combines the Google watch system with a second transflective LCD screen that allows it to function as a traditional digital watch. If you run out of battery, at least you’ll still have a watch for a few months.


in this article, I do my best job to give you the best watch for fitness reviews that help you to choose the best smartwatch for you.

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